The Dumbest Idea All Week – The Drinkclip

A website that I visit often, has given this little invention their “Dumbest Idea All Week” award. Maybe I’m just a bigger geek than I thought because I think it looks kind of cool. You be the judge.

We’ve featured a lot of articles here about hot coffee and tea. I love both of them, but I drink a couple pots of coffee every day. How many times have you wished you could take your coffee with you, but you have too many other things in your hands and it just doesn’t make the cut?

It happens to me a lot. I’m carrying a briefcase, a laptop, a cell phone and my keys. Most of the time, I leave my coffee behind because I just don’t have enough hands. Not anymore! Introducing: The drinkclip. The drinkclip is a cupholder that attaches to your belt. Just clip this to yourself and voila, you can take your coffee with you.

The reason this was voted the dumbest idea all week is because:
1) You will look like a huge idiot with this thing attached to your clothes
2) This clip also clips to a table – but why would you need it? Wouldn’t you just set your coffee on the table?

This may be a silly question, but what if you sit down and you forget to take your hot coffee out of your cupholder first? Wouldn’t you burn yourself? At least someone can answer that for me. According to, “If your penis catches on fire, then you know you’re doing it right.”

Thank you to the product website for the great pictures!