The Magical Art of Papercutting

You’ve probably seen by now that we looooooove paper art on Bit Rebels. We write about it a lot. Some of my favorite that I’ve seen so far is the paper cut out art that Richard wrote about on our sister site, Raster Rebels.

This paper cut out art below also caught my eye. It’s so detailed and dainty, but there is something else about it that I am drawn to. It’s what it represents. The artist, Elsa Mora, explains in detail on her website what her thought process was as she created it.

It’s all about emotional growth. She said, “I think that in order to develop our inner world we constantly need to look inside ourselves. We constantly need to take care of our personal garden and that’s what the girl in this piece is doing. When we lose contact with our inner world, negative things start happening; our personal garden dries out and the flowers and fruits disappear.”

I couldn’t agree with you more Elsa. You’ve created a lot of beauty here. It is beauty with an equally as beautiful reminder attached. Thank you for that! You can visit her Etsy shop here.