The Motherboard City: A Creative Use Of Old Computer Parts

What is it with motherboards, and why can’t computer geeks ever seem to get rid of them? I used to think it was because they were difficult to recycle, but in recent years, new ways to recycle old computer parts have been discovered. Now I think it’s more of a nostalgia thing. We hold onto old circuit boards because to many of us, they are not only beautiful, but they contain a lot of fun memories. It’s like keeping a childhood teddy bear or special photograph.

Even though many of us keep them, that doesn’t mean we just leave them scattered around our houses. People everywhere have come up with countless ways to reuse their motherboards that would surprise even the most creative artist. We’ve written about shoes, furniture, underwear and cars all made from old circuit boards.

About a day ago, reddit user EyeballSandwich submitted a picture of the city of Helsinki created from old motherboards. You can see a picture of the actual city below it, and wow is it ever close! If you are familiar with Helsinki, you probably recognized it quickly. One thing I immediately thought when I saw this was that this is how a city looks when you look down on it from an airplane window high in the sky. I had no idea how similar piecing motherboards together would resemble that experience. I noticed one of the comments on reddit is from a person who noticed the name thing. Like he said, life is a program!

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Geek Created City From Motherboards

Fan Created City From Motherboards

Via: [Geekosystem]