Childhood Heroes: Amazing Illustrations Of Rambo, Terminator, Etc.

I got especially attached to these images when I first saw them on Andreas Preis’ own website DESIGNERPREIS. I was, and still am, a huge consumer of ’80s movies and Rambo, Terminator and Die Hard are some of the ones that I watch at least two times a month (yeah I am a huge movie freak as well). I don’t know what it is with movies from the ’80s, but they have a special spot in my heart, and thus these illustrations caught my attention right away.

The unique way Andreas illustrates these movie stars, and the way he gets the entity of these whole movies into one single quote is just badass. If these images were available as posters, I would buy the lot and plaster them all over my office. I mean, who is not going to think they are of extraordinary class and style when they mean so much to so many of us?

It took Andreas a few weeks to pull together these awesome illustrations, and he got the idea right while finding he was watching Shepard Fairey a little too much. The style he delivers is unique and his website is completely filled with cool artwork, illustrations and graphic designs. I would tell anyone to visit it to get their daily inspiration boost covered. Simply amazing!