The Only Bike Station Made Entirely Out Of Cardboard

In a world full of junk and garbage, it seems we are all trying to do our part in recycling whatever we can. Sometimes it’s easier than others, but the fact remains that we are making a huge change by just trying. There are all different kinds of recycling going on in everyone’s life if you look really closely. There is everything from kindergarten programs that encourage toilette roll recycling to complete car part recycling. Either way, it is what needs to be done to save this blue planet of ours from going entirely gray.

In France they are bringing recycling to a whole new level. Benedetto Bufalino, a french artist, has duplicated a bike station located in the city Lyon. It’s the first bike station in France made entirely out of cardboard. A bike station is a bike sharing program that lets you borrow a bike to ride around town. All you when you are finished is drop it off at another station, and you’re done. Similar programs are all over France nowadays, and they are used daily by millions of people.

At first glance you kind of think it’s a bike inside these “shells” of cardboard, but they are completely created out of cardboard which makes the coolest recycling art installation ever. You don’t need paint and brushes to create beautiful art. Just go with what you have, and you’ll probably cause more interest than even with a complete palette of colors. Art is what you make, not what you see.