The Teacups with a Hidden Surprise Inside

I love teacups. There is something classy and very European about drinking tea from a dainty, white teacup. I’ve noticed that lately when designers create new teacup designs, they tend to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to them.

Remember this cup that had an entire landscape painted around the rim that even included a dancing girl? That was nuts. At first glance it just looks like the cup is dirty, but upon looking closer, you see the artist’s insanely detailed masterpiece. This teacup with a “storm” in it was really cool too. I love the blue and white colors together.

These cups below are also very creative. The idea behind it is that you serve your guests a cup of tea, and as they drink it, an animal will appear. It could be a bear, an owl or a fox. It is supposed to give them a little surprise in their tea. Perhaps I’m missing something because this seems like an obvious question, but what if they put a spoon in the cup to stir the sugar or cream into their tea? Wouldn’t that give away the secret? Hmm…

These cups are designed by Ange-line Tetrault, and from what I’ve read on the Internet, some people think they are really creepy. Why is that? What’s so creepy about a little ceramic head popping out of your tea? Ok, now that I just read what I typed, maybe it is a little creepy after all. You can pick up one of these teacups on Amazon for about $15.

[via The Trendy Girl, Rakuten]