Tie Case: Recycle Your Old Ties Into Wallets And Cases

Being a kind of laid back person, I don’t have the payload of ties to brag about. Sure, I do have my mandatory set of ten ties (trying to expand my collection), but working in front of a computer all day doesn’t exactly set me up in a forum where I need a tie to represent myself. In the summers, it’s all shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. It’s all about what makes a long stretch in front of the screen as comfortable as possible. However, what do you do with those odd purchases of ties that you thought were a good buy at the time, but then they turned into something of a freak show just a couple of months later?

If you’re smart you do exactly what Etsy seller TearfulTouch did. You recycle them into awesome wallets and cases for your credit cards, money and your cell phone. Using just a few everyday tools, you can transform that odd looking, no good wearing tie into a useful thing once more. And it’s all for free. If you’re good at it, you can even make money off of it, apparently.

I am sure the uses can be many, but the ones that are highlighted are of course the ones where you get to flaunt the awesome awkwardness of tie purchases while showing off your creativity in a way that most geeks would worship you for. It’s odd, yes, but it’s so odd that it is actually cool. Time for some crafting over here… These are available for $6-$20 a pop. Doesn’t get any geekier than this!