Toilet Waterfall: A Symbolic Installation Of Wasted Water

By now, it’s a known fact that some parts of the world are in dire need of drinkable water. So much so that even a $1 investment from each of us could make a huge difference. No donation is too small to make a change, but it has to be given to the right organization. In the top ten industrial countries, we’re wasting water like there is no limit to our resources. What if we could at least take a minute to just think about it? Isn’t it kind of rude and obnoxious of us to waste water while other people have none at all?

To demonstrate this wasteful usage (also showcasing porcelin and pottery), an installation was put up in South China’s Gunagdong Province. Built of hundreds upon hundreds of toilet seats, this wall measures 100 meters wide and 5 meters tall. When turned on, literally thousands of litres of water create a toilet seat waterfall that you have never before seen.

No matter what the the original purpose was showcasing this awesome display, it is quite a symbolic installation that will hopefully make you think twice before you let that faucet flood away. Think about the usage of your water, for there is someone that does that as well in another part of the world, yet they don’t have any water to use. #JustSaying