Turn Kodakchome Slides Into Art!

There is a saying that “one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure!” This is so true for this group who love crafting. They belong to the community of a craft making site Craftster.  The site showcases different works created by hand.  The one I am showcasing here is a curtain that was made out of Kodakchrome slides.

I remember the time when people did not use projectors like the way we use them now, when we do our presentations.  What one does is do everything on their computer then have them produced into a slide show using actual slides.  The slides are produced by Kodak and you show them one by one, unlike now where we have PowerPoint where we can create and edit anytime we want.  Whew, don’t you just love technology?  Kodak slides are uniformed size film encased in white plastic.  They are images of what you want to show your audience.  What is amazing is the way the group here created an art piece using those plastic squares.

What the group did was amazing and truly creative, they inserted holes onto the slides and connected them with chainmail rings. You can preview more of their work here here. Maybe next time you throw something away, see first what you can do to recycle.