Twitter Illustrated – Get a Funny Picture of Your Tweet!

A picture is worth 1,000 words, especially if it’s your tweet. Could this be the future of storytelling? A few months ago, I wrote about a website dedicated to weekly updates of celebrity tweet illustrations – The Museum of Modern Tweets, but today, it’s all about you.

Now it seems there is another super fun and witty site dedicated to illustrating your tweets., a website started by some Twitter friends, just focuses on one thing – drawing the interpretation of your tweets.

Twaggies is definitely one of those websites that you intend to check out for five minutes, and thirty minutes later you’re still laughing. Apparently, to get your tweet twagged (ahh.. a new Twitter word is born), you just have to follow @twaggies and then send some silly tweets that would make creative visuals. There are no specifics about how the tweets are chosen, it’s probably at the discretion of the artist. Here are some examples of their work. This is just so much fun!

[A special thanks goes out to Tony Gigov for letting us use his comic illustration as the main image above. Check him out here:]