Unique Packaging

Its always a treat to find unusual package designs.  Designing packages can be very tricky.  It must convey the essence of the product and must also be visually enticing for consumers to actually look closer.  There are so many cool and unusual packaging out there and these are just samples that caught my attention. One is the promo package by Low Ink Studios.

The Last Cigarette.  It may look morbid but if you look at it closely it does convey the message directly.  The color and the one stick of cigarette and the match says it all.  This is pretty tricky as you always have to make sure that the brand is not looked at in a bad light.  Check out the Domo Arigato Beer Packaging designed by Ashley Linennbank.

Tokyo-inspired, karaoke-themed beer sold by the case. It’s literally a  party in a box.  What is also cool about this is that, its also very interactive. Pop a top to receive your karaoke challenge, but choose wisely — the blurrier the label, the more embarassing the song.   Visit the website to download the karaoke video that accompanies your challenge, and get this party started.