Unusual Art: Blowtorched, Crushed & Shot Apple Products

Sometimes destroying things is really fun. Have you ever taken a piece of old fruit, a broken cell phone or even a water balloon and thrown it on the concrete outside? There is something about watching it splatter into a million pieces that makes it interesting. For the same reason, my son couldn’t wait to smash our pumpkins on the ground after Halloween. They were all gushy and rotten, which made them ripe for destroying.

In all my experience with smashing things, it would never occur to me to do it with my Apple products. After all, I love my iPod and my Macs. There is just something about my Apple stuff that is sentimental, and I get attached to them. I have a G4 laptop that I just can’t say goodbye to. I know it sounds strange, and I don’t have the same feelings about my PC. Obviously artist Michael Tompert and photographer Paul Fairchild don’t get attached to their Apple stuff. Michael crushed, destroyed and shot the Apple products below, and then Paul Fairchild photographed them. It was all done in the name of art.

Michael used blowtorches, handsaws, guns and sledgehammers to get his destroy on. Prints of Michael’s pieces are currently on display at Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco. He said, “They’re beautiful inside. They’re beautiful when you open them up.” I agree, there is something that is definitely beautiful about these; however, the means to get there seems a little violent to me. Michael is an ex-employee of Apple. Hmm… I wonder if he was taking out some frustration here. You can read more about this project on Cult of Mac.

[via Los Angeles Times]