VHS Toilet Paper Holder Makes Your Bathroom Visit Fun!

As we have established a long time ago here on Bit Rebels, recycling can be quite fun, and also have a multifaceted secondary use. Everything we see at home could probably be recycled if we just had the creativity and imagination to do it. Sometimes we find it easier to throw away things instead of finding a secondary use for them. Maybe that’s something that will get imprinted in our grandchildren’s DNA once we get the hang of it, but for now, we’re left with piles and piles of junk laying around in plain sight and underneath our feet.

The only question we have today is what consequences will it have in the future? Will archaeologists dig for clues about ancient civilizations and only find piles and piles of second hand garbage? What testament is that to give the future inhabitants of this beautiful blue planet?

Instead, why don’t we do everything we can to support the recovery of our sick soil and come up with some ingenious ideas to use our junk one or two times after it’s primary use has expired? That’s exactly what this “unknown” recycler decided to do with his or her old VHS cassettes. Why not make a stylish and ultimately funny paper roll holder for your bathroom?

Now my only question is what movie to choose because that could totally set the whole mood for your visit to the loo. As you can see, recycling doesn’t have to be complicated if you have the imagination and creativity. Well, to be a little bit mad doesn’t hurt either I guess. Would I hook this system up in my bathroom? Absolutely not. I am way to fond of the primary use for my Tron 1982 VHS to hang it on a wall in the bathroom. Period!