Vyne: A Serpent Around Your Neck Makes Your iPhone Hover

The one irritating thing when you buy an iPhone or an iPad is the fact that they can’t stand on their own. This means that whenever you want to watch a movie that is approximately 2 hours long, you will have to hold it up in front of you to have the best viewing pleasure. However, as you know, you would have to pack some serious stamina and be quite patient to be able to do that. Sure, you can mess around and build yourself a little stand or use something to lean it against, but that’s just too sad of a solution, so you’re always looking for something else that is more efficient and practical. There are probably thousands and thousands of different stands out there that you could get, but they won’t give you the option of placing your iPhone exactly where you want to.

The Vyne is; however, such a stand. It coils into any and all the different shapes that you can imagine, and you will even be able to serpent it around your neck to have the best possible experience watching movies or photos. You simply roll it around your neck, put your iPhone in place in front of your face and voila! You are ready to rock that newly rented movie from iTunes that you have been longing to buy.

The solution comes from Clint Spencer and Ryan Eder, two seemingly genius problem solvers who know exactly what we all need. Not only is it ultimately practical, but it’s super versatile as well. You will be able to place your iPhone wherever you want in any position you want. It’s just awesome for the traveling geek always cramped up in small hotel rooms or on trains. Brilliant!