Wash Clothes In Style: A Modernistic Laundromat That Looks Like A Club

There are certain things that mark the transition from university student to adulthood, and one of those is buying a washing machine. The day you do that is the day you know you aren’t a kid anymore. I still miss going to the laundromat every once in a while. There is something about a rusty coin-operated machine that tries its best to clean clothes that’s nostalgic and retro. The laundromat below is different though. It will let you wash clothes in style.

The Splash laundromat in Barcelona is a captivating design that will definitely change your perception of what a laundromat looks like. Heck, if we had one of these in Atlanta, I might ditch my washing machine altogether. It could put the fun back into laundry day. Who wouldn’t want to wash clothes here?

This eco-friendly modernistic laundromat, which also sells biodegradable laundry detergent and softener, has a nightclub feel to it. All of the machines themselves will allow you to wash clothes in an energy efficient way and conserve water. The lighting, the stainless steel everywhere and the minimalistic design all make this the most modern looking laundromat I’ve ever seen.

This laundromat is positioned near a university, and for students who have never had to wash clothes before, there are directions for how to do it on the Splash website. The students who have the pleasure of experiencing this laundromat are so lucky. The one my roommates and I used during our time at university was a dump compared to this gorgeous place. If you are ever in Barcelona on holiday, maybe you can experience it for yourself. Check out the Splash website for the exact location and address. [Splash laundromat designed by Frederic Perers]

Wash Clothes In Style – A Laundromat That Looks Like A Club

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