288,000 Jelly Beans Turned Into A Music Video

Artists are constantly trying to break the mold and come up with something new that might catch the audience’s attention. We have seen it many times, and mostly it doesn’t work unfortunately. You have to do something quite out of the ordinary in order to make a lasting impression and to get the listeners to stick with your ever changing style and artistry. Madonna is a great example of that. Even though she hasn’t been in the immediate spotlight lately, she’s still one of the most groundbreaking artists alive today. She’s one of the few artists who has managed to change her style over and over and quite successfully I might add.

Something that caught my attention recently is the video of Kina Grannis‘ song “In Your Arms.” The song is quite pleasant, but it is the video that really made me watch it all the way through. Why? Because it is made out of 288,000 jelly beans of course. Everyone who knows me knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. When I come across chocolate, I eat it like my life depends on it. I know, it should probably be the other way around, but hey, I’m human, right?

The video is almost hypnotic when you watch it, and it is probably every kid’s dream to live in a world made out of candy. I watched it twice just to see if I could derive some kind of computerized error which would confirm my belief it wasn’t made out jelly beans after all. However, I guess I have to surrender to the awesomeness of the director and the animators of this video because by the looks of it, these small dots really are jelly beans. This is a perfect time to say that a video looks deliciously good, wouldn’t you agree? Now, where can I find a store that will sell me 288,000 jelly beans in the first place… Hmm…

Jelly Bean Animated Music Video