Memory Tapes: Strangest Music Video You’ve Ever Seen

I think most of us are quite used to music videos that have insane special effects. At least this is true if you’ve seen some of the later (not recent though) Michael Jackson videos. He always had the most insane special effects, and he was always on the edge when it came to technology. However, recently we have seen special effects in pretty much every video that has been produced in the last couple of years. Lady Gaga is using them quite often, and so is Justin Timberlake and Eminem. Does it really get us to check out their music more frequently? Well, by the looks of it, it really does. To what extent though? That is the core question we have to ask here.

If you look at Memory Tapes‘s “Yes I Know” music video, you’ll see something that you haven’t seen before. It starts out somehow normal, but then the magic starts happening. In the beginning, I was quite horrified because I wasn’t prepared for it. It wasn’t too much of a sickening feeling, just a little shock that what I saw was actually happening. It messes with your mind if you will.

The fact is, I think you haven’t seen anything like this before. There is nothing that prepares you for what will happen, and that is exactly the feeling you first get when you check this video out. No doubt it is one of the coolest videos I have seen in quite a while. Something that has been interesting me lately is whether or not people actually watch music videos these days, or if they just want to listen to music for free? What do you think? Is that the case, or are we actually checking out the video more than once?

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