Polarity Song: A Knitting & Crocheting Fanatic’s Dream

I wrote about the Jelly Bean Music Video two days ago, and even though I totally got the candy munchies after it published, I still managed to keep myself from becoming a sugared up hyperactive geek. I thought it would take quite a long time before I would come across something that would be remotely as epic as that insane animation with over 288,000 jelly beans. However, I guess I should never expect there won’t be people out there with minds full of creative ideas about things that have never been done before. This time around, it has nothing to do with sweets though. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with anything you can eat at all.

It is actually another music video that I am just SURE will catch your attention. It’s from the group Seventeen Evergreen, and the song is called “Polarity Song.” It’s one of those truly weird creations that will have you look even though you don’t want to. Why? Because it’s so out there, and you can’t really tell if you like it or not. It’s weird because the entire video is about an insane knitted and crocheted world of awesomeness.

It must have taken the creator of that video ages to get all the stuff together in order to shoot it. Literally everything is covered with something made out of wool, and if the insanity of it doesn’t kill you, I am sure the heat in the studio it was filmed in will. As I have said many times before, people try to come up with the most outrageous ideas, and this one must be among the top ones for sure. If you find something that is even more out there, don’t hesitate about sending it to us because I am sure our readers will all enjoy even more geek weirdness from around the world, especially if it is a music video.

Knitted And Crochet Music Video