4 Ways To Showcase Your Love Of Theater

Theater has been a beloved pastime since 1750 when Thomas Kean and Walter Murray opened one of the very first theaters in New York City. In the decades that followed, the theater community has grown exponentially in size with several theaters built in Manhattan and in countries around the world.

Fans of theater are some of the most passionate fans in the world, whether they’re watching a show live, talking about it on social media, or putting on reenactments of their own with their school groups. One of the best parts about being a theater fan is the sense of community and camaraderie you’ll find, no matter which plays or musicals you love.

When it comes to showcasing your love for theater, it’s all about personal expression and lifestyle. There are many ways to enjoy your favorite shows. Let our guide show you how.

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Experience A Live Show

The first and most evident way to consume theater content is by going to a live show. If you live in a metropolitan city like New York, London, or Toronto, you have direct access to a wide range of musicals and plays to suit your taste. If you live outside the big city, consider planning a weekend getaway to really showcase your love and passion for theater — if you look for deals, especially with matinee showings, you may even be able to catch more than one show in a single day.

Wear Your Passion On Your Sleeve

What better way to show how much you love a particular show than to incorporate its merch into your wardrobe? Whether it’s a t-shirt, a baseball cap, or even decorative pins and buttons to customize your favorite denim jacket — there’s no wrong answer. It’s all about expressing your passions and tying them into your everyday style.

Stream Your Favorite Content

Streaming has become a favorite pastime among all ages, no matter where in the world you live. When it comes to the theater world, this is no exception. With more content being posted online and new, original content being created just for the web, there’s no shortage of content to consume as a theater and Broadway fan.

Take Broadstream, for example — this new streaming platform is a completely theater-based platform that features original work designed to amplify voices, primarily in the LGBTQIIA+ space. With new virtual spaces being created for passionate fans, streaming is becoming one of the most accessible ways to embrace theater and experience new, exciting content.

Start An Online Community

The theater community is vast and diverse, reaching every corner of the world. While there are already thousands of online forums and groups, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own community dedicated to your favorite theater shows or performers.

The benefit of creating your own online community is that you and your fellow fans can showcase your love for theater and all it has to offer in ways that are unique to your group. Maybe you’ll organize virtual parties or events, or perhaps you’ll be able to meet in person or take a trip together to see a live show. The possibilities are endless.

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