5 New Gaming Trends In 2020

As the competition grows fierce for game designers and developers to soar to new heights, this year will be a year of innovation and growth unlike any other. From the upgrade to 5G to the increased dollars spent on virtual reality and AI, 2020 is sure to cause disruption in the gaming industry. Here are 5 new gaming trends to look out for this year.

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1. Mobile Gaming To Break New Records

Whether you want the latest gaming information compiled in one place or an app that will help you become a better player, there will be even more options to choose from in 2020. For example, apps such this simple new poker tool, making your poker games speedier and more organized – plus it’s free to download!

The creators of this app explain the value, “A poker clock timer tracks blind levels so players no longer are uncertain about stages of the tournament and when it’s on players to act and how much. Simply put, the poker clock makes it the easiest way to stay on top of your poker home games.” Apps that make gamers’ lives easier will be on the rise and something to test out this year.

2. Realistic Game Play Through Virtual Reality

While this trend is not a new one, it is likely to grow at a staggering rate – with Statista reporting growth of up to 22.9 billion by the end of 2020. With the advancements in VR headsets combined with the latest gaming engines, players are already getting a more realistic experience and this will continue to see improvements. At the forefront for many gaming companies is further experimentation with virtual reality technology – including 3D images that are closer to reality than ever before.

3. The Introduction To 5G

5G is set to launch January 2020 and will have a profound impact on the gaming industry – specifically online gaming and mobile gaming. This higher speed internet will allow game developers to use higher quality and higher definition images, including increased use of 3D graphics. Especially for mobile game developers, 5G will allow them, more than ever before, the ability to replicate the experience of console-level graphics and simulations. Additionally, cloud gaming will be even easier to develop and execute with such high speeds for the internet.

4. Cloud Gaming

It can be a burden for gamers to install and run updates continually on their devices. Not only is actual playing time severely impacted, but sometimes errors or malfunctions can be experienced. Cloud gaming has become increasingly popular and attractive to gaming companies for the simple fact that editing is much simpler. Additionally, games that are developed for the cloud allow for more opportunity for multi-player games as well as social media and other collaborative types of gaming. These types of games are increasingly important as players are often drawn toward the overall experience of the game and the social aspect of it. Expect to see more and more games created for the cloud in 2020 and thus happier gamers.

5. Cross-Platform Focus

Game developers are working hard on effective solutions for developing more games that can be played across all platforms. Taking a page out of Fortnite’s book, players find the convenience of a cross-platform games to be ideal – and for good reason.

The challenge for game designers and developers comes down to design, graphics, and execution – as well as keeping the overall gaming experience consistent for all users. Whether it’s a console, PC or mobile – in 2020 you’ll likely see a rise in games that can be played on all devices and with players on different devices.

Of course, there are many more trends that will emerge this year you should keep an eye out for. With technology on our side, the possibilities are almost limitless.

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