5 Tips To Finding The Top Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are the lifeblood of the iGaming sector of the industry, serving operators as much as they do players. If you can get a headstart, it makes the game that much more fun. But bonuses are exactly that: just a bonus.

A small boost for a beginner, if you’re joining a platform for the first time. These tips will help you to identify the top online casino bonuses from the ones that are worth skipping.  We’ll discuss welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, matching bonuses, and a few others.

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Tip 1 – Verify Your Trustworthy Casino

Free spins, cashbacks, and match-up bonuses are all too tempting. Especially because the online world offers the most accessible gambling means to those who still don’t have real casinos in their area. To those playing online, bright pop-up adverts can become particularly attractive – especially when they’re promising casino bonuses.

But are they worth it? According to the advertising codes of the UK, it is safe to consider these promises of a bonus as advertising. Before you jump in, do some research. Playing money on a platform you haven’t verified is the last situation you want to have to deal with, down the line.

You can verify the reputation of an operator by reading casino reviews, investigating the licensing agreements, looking at their client service and getting a real sense of their reputation in the industry.

Tip 2 – If You’re A New Player, Look For Match Bonuses

Match bonuses often come in a 100% to 500% match in up to three deposits. Match bonuses benefit new players because they boost the bankrolls. It’s a wonderful way to be welcomed in. Match bonuses are usually available in three staggered tranches, you can see a comparison of the top online casino bonuses here. Regular players generally enjoy cashback offers. It’s a good idea to stay updated on the latest trends within the gambling industry and top online casino bonuses.

Tip 3 – Assess Bonuses Before You Commit To The Game

You get sticky bonuses (cashable) and non-sticky bonuses (non-cashable). Check if your bonus is cashable or not. A cashable bonus is withdrawn when you draw your winnings. A non-cashable bonus can’t be withdrawn because it is deducted from your winnings (it acts as a headstart more than anything). As mentioned earlier, you need to keep an eye on those T&Cs. Wager requirements will require you to wager a certain amount before you can withdraw your bonus.

Tip 4 – Check Your Region’s Compatibility

As frustrating as this may sound, it happens. You play well, gain extravagantly, and then because of regional restrictions, you can’t withdraw or claim your bonus. Hopefully, you will see a notification before you start to play, but exceptions do occur. Trustworthy review sites and the operator’s own T&Cs are the best places to look for this info.

Tip 5 – Beware Of Time Validity Limits

Free spins are always fun. Again, before you decide to have a go, check the fine print. Many free spins come with a time limit, which they may not be forthcoming about, initially. Generally, it’s 30 days. In many cases, free spins only apply to certain games, so make sure your free spins will count towards a game you’re interested in playing.

Appreciate A Lucky Freebie

Keep in mind that nothing is free – a bonus usually has to be played out a certain number of times before it can be drawn. Get clarity on the T&Cs to prevent disappointments and misunderstandings. There are some incredible bonus opportunities if you know where to look for them.

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