These Awesome NES Games Will Bring Back That Retro Feeling

The festive season is here with Halloween and so are some amazing NES games that fit right in with the holiday theme. One of the most exciting recently launched NES games is Creepy Brawlers, which combines the retro vibes with spooky terrors from the silver screen. As the cherry on the cake, the marvelous limited edition NES cartridges add to the allure of this game.

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Creepy Brawlers is one of the best NES games to go with the Halloween spirit because you need to battle it out against 11 monsters from classic horror tales. Knock out these evolving monsters in the boxing arena to win the game or face a sour defeat. This game will tug at your nostalgic nerve with characters straight out of the movies and horror stories from the yesteryears.

What is more, this game tops our list of the latest NES games because of the game’s chiptune track titled “Creepin it Reel” that comes on a separate NES cartridge. Lo and behold, it also includes the famous Dancing Pumpkin Man as well as a fully playable Pachinko Trick or Treat game. Featured on as one of the NES games to watch out for, Creepy Brawlers is a treat that no gamer should miss out on.

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[pullquote]If NES games with a retro feel are what you love then we have another pick for you.[/pullquote] We present to you Justice Duel, a four-player game in which AI versions of the former presidents of the USA battle it against one another from atop genetically modeled eagles. Adding to the excitement of the game are bear traps, mines that resemble harmless eagle eggs, and firecrackers that burst mid-air.

Justice Duel brings to you eagles in top hats and a huge assortment of weapons to choose from. There is also a full-featured single player campaign that will keep you entertained throughout the holiday season.

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Both these fascinating NES games are a creation of Mega Cat Studios, a small game developer that is known for games that possess a nostalgic element. They have been covered by leading websites such as Indie Retro News and are bound to become even more popular with these amazing NES games that they have recently released.

These awesome NES games make for a great way to spend quality time with your family this festive season. They will transport you back to the good old days of the retro games that you enjoyed on the couch with your friends and siblings. So if you want to bring the old school vibes to your celebrations this fall and winter, do purchase these NES games <purchase link> that guarantee hours of fun and entertainment for all the enthusiasts of gaming.

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