The Casino Industry In NJ – What’s New And The Borgata?

Since March 16th, all nine casinos in New Jersey, including the Borgata have been closed as a result of the coronavirus. It is thought that July 4th will be the date of re-opening for many New Jersey casinos, including the Borgata. Other casinos in America have already begun to re-open, with gamblers flocking across the state, and queuing hours on end for a game, to try their luck on the slots, or to beat the dealer in a game of blackjack.

However, as you’re probably aware: the coronavirus pandemic is still not over, even if it appears so. Many industries have been forced to re-open to re-start the economy, both in the United States and across the globe.

As of right now, although casinos may be re-opening, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the safest places to be – especially if you’re considered a “vulnerable” person to the virus.

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Online Casinos

During the pandemic, and as of right now, online casinos are a saving grace. Many avid gamblers have turned the tables and settled for online casino action instead, whether playing slots, chasing jackpots, or going all in, in a game of Texas hold em.

Online casinos are no doubt safer, especially at the moment. There is no physical contact, no machines riddled in others’ germs, and no need to awkwardly avoid others on the casino floor.

New Slots Opening At The Borgata

To keep you entertained at home, doing your part, and saving lives, the Borgata recently announced the release of dozens of new online slots. These include the popular Mustang Money and crazy thunder cash, all offering bonus games and multiple wilds. The minimum deposit for these new slots is a meer $10 – a fraction of the gas cost to drive to your nearest casino that is “open”.

Likewise, there is also a plethora of bonus codes for NJ online casinos, including Bet365, SugarHouse, and the Borgata. Do your part, make use of various online bonus codes, win a jackpot or two and save lives in the process. What’s not to love?

To Conclude

Although casinos are beginning to re-open following the recent events of the coronavirus pandemic, with casinos in NJ set to return early July, they’re still not the safest places to be, at least for now.

Opting for online slots, card games, and anything in-between is the best thing you can do right now – protecting others from the virus including staff, other gamblers, and those who vulnerable.

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