How Live Dealers Have Transformed Online Casinos

The casino industry has been revolutionized in recent years. And it has all been driven by technology. Land-based casinos have embraced new technology to improve on-site surveillance. License plate readers, face recognition, and radiofrequency technology have all been used in one way or another to enhance the security in establishments.

Live Dealers Transformed Online Entertainment


Casino Evolution

New technology also gave rise to online casinos in the 1990s. But they failed to make an immediate impact in an era dominated by video games. And after years of development and evolution, online casinos have also been transformed by technological advances. The latest of those developments are live dealer casinos.

For many years, the live dealer was the missing link between the brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos, with each offering a different experience. That dividing line has now been blurred by the addition of live dealers in online casinos.

Multiple Benefits

Now, players can get all the benefits of an online casino: amazing visuals and sound, and the ability to play anytime and anywhere. But with the added bonus of a live dealer. What’s more, they can even interact with the dealer and other players.

The live dealer at an online casino performs the same role as a dealer at a land-based casino: they deal the cards, spin the wheel and keep track of the action as it unfolds. They also explain to the players exactly what is happening during each game. This is great for experienced players and newcomers alike.

More Flexibility

The cards and equipment used are the same as you would find in a land-based casino, but there is also a visual graphic display like you find on a standard online casino game. Players can even switch view with many live dealer casinos offering several different camera angles.

Whatever view you choose, the visual display remains so you can see what bets have been placed, who is playing, and the outcome of each round of play. These new games are an integral part of most online casinos, so new users still benefit from sign-up bonuses and promotions such as the 888 casino offers currently available.

They include an £88 free-play no-deposit bonus and a £1500 welcome package. Plus, the games can be accessed directly from the casino menu, and the number of live casino options is increasing all the time. It seems that live dealer online casinos are set to become the standard format in the coming years. Until the next revolution comes, that is.

More Changes Coming

A quick look at the current trends suggests that virtual reality (VR) technology could become the next big thing in online gaming. While it hasn’t taken off a quickly as some in the industry had hoped, VR seems to be finally getting a foothold.

Lower costs have made it more accessible, and VR centers are making more members of the public aware of the virtues of virtual reality in a gaming environment. The logical step would be for the player to be able to step into a virtual casino and play at the tables hosted by live dealers.

The players and dealers could be represented by avatars, and players would be able to customize elements of the environment to their own choosing, such as the décor and music. That’s the future, but for now, live dealers are proving to be a big hit with online casino gamers.

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