Every Room Of Batman’s Mansion In One Image

With a new Batman movie in the pipeline, and millions of fans going crazy over it, one could start to wonder what exactly it is that makes Batman so intriguing to so many people. Is it simply because he is a superhero, or is it because he is a billionaire playboy who has gotten some kind of hubris and thinks he should save the world? Well, I will let you decide that one. One thing is clear though, and that is that Bruce Wayne is living large in his mansion. The house is completely riddled with cool gadgets and devices to help him in his adventures to save the world from evil. Just how awesome is that mansion of his, and is it possible to scale it down to fit in one single image?

Someone has certainly tried, and the result isn’t half bad. Dedicated fan Les McClaine drew up something “small” to show the awesomeness of the Batman mansion and called it Mayhem At The Mansion. On second thought, it’s not such a small drawing after all. Maybe it doesn’t point out all the awesome gadgets and devices that make up the Wayne mansion, but it certainly shows the platoon of enemies that Batman has to deal with on a daily basis.

You might start to question if being a billionaire Batman is even worth it knowing every step you take is probably haunted by the evil in the world. The image is definitely going to make an impression on you if you are a huge Batman fan. It depicts pretty much everything in the mansion, and as far as enemies go, they have totally invaded the home of Bruce Wayne. I guess some ass woopin’ is quite justified. I love the approach Les took to draw the characters, it gives it a great personal touch.

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Via: [Walyou]