Five Reasons To Choose The More Expensive Violin

Are you thinking of getting a new violin but aren’t sure if you should go for the expensive one or if you should stick to your budget? Our suggestion would be to go for the more expensive violin. Believe it or not but playing the violin can even be better for your health.

While it may seem out of your budget, there are many benefits if you wish to buy an instrument that comes with many extra features. Here are five reasons why you should go for the more expensive violin.

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1. Such Violins Can Be Easier To Play

When it comes to playability, high-end violins can be easier to play on. The reason is their exclusive setup. Expensive violins come with a set-up that is made to cater to the needs of a violinist. A good setup can result in less pressure and tension in your hand while you play.

This allows you to practice for a longer time. This can be especially useful for a beginner who would need to spend much more time using the violin. Even advanced musicians consider good playability to be important as it helps improve their performance.

Another factor that makes a lot of difference is the way a violin responds to what you do with your hands. With a cheaper violin, you will find that it can be difficult to get a string to start to pull a tone.

This usually requires more effort and pressure. With violins, you can generate the tone either by altering your bow speed or through hand pressure. With expensive violins, you can do both at the same time, while low-end violins usually do not end up performing well.

2. Expensive Violins Allow You To Hear Your Mistakes And Help Fix Them

A well-made violin comes with better clarity as compared to other violins. While playing any musical instrument, you mostly rely on your ears to catch any tune that goes out of order.

With clear and high-quality sound offered by high-end violins, you would be able to hear any mistake you make and catch it immediately. This helps you fix any mistake and get progressively better as you keep on playing the violin.

A high-quality violin also comes with more resonance, which means that the notes that you play would ring louder, in tune with the harmonic frequencies. Any notes that are played in tune will sound better than a note that is not in tune.

3. An Expensive Violin Can Also Keep You Motivated

With high-end violins, you don’t just get high-quality sound, but you also get other features such as a good-looking exterior, comfortable handles, and much more.

These features can help you remain motivated if you are trying to learn how to play the violin. Since cheaper violins lack these features, they mostly remain a hassle while you play them. This results in you losing any interest in playing the instrument altogether.

High-end violins are also made up of aged wood, which results in better sound and projection. This is because the wood adapts to the moisture level over time. As opposed to violins made up of fresh wood, these violins sound so much better!

4. Expensive Violins Are Easier To Maintain

Musical instruments can degrade over time. Whether it is a guitar, piano, or anything, it is eventually going to degrade either due to excessive use or low maintenance. Many musical instruments are not even that easy to maintain, but a violin can be easier to maintain.

You can keep the instrument for a long time if you use it well. With an expensive piano, there is more guarantee for it to last a long time as it is easier to maintain.

5. Additional Accessories And Warranties

Just like with any other musical instrument, paying extra money can get you a lot of features and accessories along with it. Depending on the brand, many expensive violins come with accessories such as a high-quality bow, a shoulder rest, storage bag, strap, rosin, polishing cloths, and much more.

Such violins also offer a good warranty period. This is especially important because musical instruments often do wear out. Having a warranty helps ensure that any manufacturing damage to the violin can be fixed by the company itself!

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you should buy an expensive violin. Not only do they offer high-quality sound, but such violins are also easier to maintain and can last a much longer time.

However, if they still don’t fit your budget requirements, then you can easily find other basic models in the market as well.

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