GNation Partnership That Is Going To Change The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is developing by leaps and bounds. In 2017 game creators and publishers earned $108 billion – it`s almost a double amount of GDP of an average Eastern European country. All the directions are growing – mobile, online, VR. GNation is what can change the gaming industry forever. This is a new word in the gaming community life, which opens up new horizons for both casual gamers and game creators.

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What is GNation?

GNation is an ecosystem with a variety of products for the gaming community. The ecosystem combines the services for both players and game developers. Due to the constant influx of feedback, developers can effectively improve their products.

The public website is the center of the GNation’s ecosystem and the entry point for all users. This is the place where the player’s introduction to the ecosystem begins. With the help of a user-friendly interface, the user will not face problems with viewing the site, because the service is easy to understand for both 15-year-olds and older people.

Each user has his own personal account, where his games, statistics and the current list of tasks common for the entire platform is displayed. By completing tasks in one or another game the player can earn GShare Gold. Another way of getting GNation’s Gold is to install and use the beta version of GShare app. With the help of custom components, a user can change the work of GShare to fit his needs and capabilities of his computer without overloading his machine.

Using the competitive solutions at GNation ecosystem players can participate in tournaments and receive rewards for winning them. The service will also provide the ability to receive awards for participation in competitive tournaments. After that, the winner can decide whether he wants to keep the whole prize for himself or wants to give part of it to charity. This is a completely new principle of donations that allows you to avoid unnecessary commissions and waste of time.

For developers, there have been introduced internal statistics services where they can receive feedback from the gamers community.

Significant GNation’s Partnership With Xsolla

The GNation development team is actively building very important strategic partnerships. The introduction of the Xsolla service into the ecosystem has already been announced. This is the first step towards the integration of GNation and game developers that will expand the gaming potential of the platform.

With the help of the service, players can buy items in multiple games, being a significant part of the platform. Payment in the system is made with the help of fiat money. Besides Xsolla the project is negotiating with other large corporations, Microsoft and IBM.

Such partnerships increase efficacy and respectability. Both teams have only recently come up with the idea of ecosystem services, but already now we can confidently state its significant success in the gaming services market. People actively use GNation and their number is constantly increasing – this indicates the quality of the product and its benefits for the gaming community.

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