The Growth Of Mobile In Online Gambling

The world’s technology has changed dramatically since the 2000s. Mobile phones are now a common everyday thing and it’s at the point where if you lose your mobile device you feel like you lost a limb.

Over half the world’s population uses their mobile phone to carry out daily digital activities. Checking emails, doing some work is not something that has to be done from a computer anymore. Instead, you can do pretty much every task from your mobile phone.

Apple changed the world when they invented the iPhone. Companies now focus on building websites and tools that are designed with a mobile-first approach. This is because on average people are spending up to 5 hours on their phones. So of course businesses have adapted with a focus on mobile.

The online gambling industry has been fully aware of the shift in focus mobile and they too have adapted. Something that they have done is as follows

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Game Studios Building Mobile-First Games

Games had previously been designed to fit on big screens and with the rise of mobile, this approach no longer worked. Have you opened an old game on mobile? They usually look terrible and in some cases, you can’t even play them. The leading casino games studios spotted this issue and completely changed their processes. With a mobile-first approach, they now build great games that are predominantly played on mobile but also work on desktop.

5G Is On The Way

Close to 60% of the world is using the internet on a daily basis. We have gone from dial-up internet to 4g internet in a short timeframe. These improvements have led to more and more people using the internet. With the introduction of 5G internet this is going to have even more of a positive impact.

For the gambling industry, this is going to mean even faster loading times for games, smoother gameplay, and even better graphics. This will have a real impact on anyone who likes playing on live casinos where you can play with real dealers via a live stream.

The introduction of 5G could also see virtual reality become more possible. It is something some businesses have been trying in recent years but the technology just hasn’t been there. With 5g online gambling could be revolutionized with more progress in this area.

You Can’t Be Left Behind

Online gambling companies don’t have the option not to invest in mobile. It is something all the leading brands have done and all new brands start with this approach. If you want a sure way to fail then not investing in a mobile-first approach is the way to go.

Successful Casino Sites

There are so many casino sites in the market but one that we think has done a great job with a mobile-first approach is Pure Casino. Pure Casino, obviously is a casino first brand that are relatively new in India. They have focused on building a great product that caters to mobile-first players, sleek design, fast loading, and selection of all the best games. They have kept things simple and delivered a great product.

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