How To: Prank Justin Bieber Fans Reeeeeeal Good

I don’t know why there are so many Justin Bieber haters on Twitter. How can anyone bag on a kid who has accomplished so much in his short life? Regardless, people are still relentless, and for some reason, they have really strong opinions about him. They either love him or hate him.

One thing is for sure, he has a mob of teeny-bopper girls that follow him everywhere, including on Twitter where he has almost 9 million followers. The only person on the social networking site with more followers than him is Lady Gaga. I remember reading an article last fall on Mashable about how 3% of Twitter’s servers are dedicated to Justin Bieber at any given time. Each time he sends a tweet, he receives more than 60 mentions per second for a while after that. And, this is a stat from last fall; I can only imagine how much higher that number is now.

Three teenagers in Switzerland who wanted to pull a prank on hundreds of Justin Bieber fans had a brilliantly simple idea, and it worked flawlessly! First, they found out which hotel Justin was staying at (um… not hard to do, just follow the mob of screaming girls). Next, one of them dressed up like him. All he had to do was look like Justin Bieber from a distance (again, not hard to do). Lastly, the fake Justin peeked over the roof of the building and waved. What an easy way to give those girls a memory they’ll never forget. I hope they didn’t see this on YouTube. It would probably break their hearts to know they were completely punked! This fabulously low quality 45 second iPhone video captured it all.

How To Play Beiber Joke

Via: [The Bored Ninja]