Inception: Christopher Nolan’s Hand-Drawn Map Keeps Us Sane

Inception is the movie that really changed our perception of dreams. That movie is still fresh in my mind and the ending still makes for quite a mind twister. Will there be a second movie or was it the end? I guess time will have to tell, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a second movie in the franchise. Even though the movie was a huge blockbuster, it was one of those love-or-hate kind of movies. Either you understood it, or you didn’t. I have met equal numbers of people that thought it sucked while others say it was one of the best movies they have seen to date.

I must admit though that it was quite a handful to keep all the balls in the air and to keep track of all the dreams and what depth they were at. Even when the movie finished, it was hard to keep track of it all, so I wonder what Mr. Christopher Nolan must have gone through when shooting this thing. It turns out that even Nolan himself had trouble keeping track of things, so he created his very own hand-drawn Inception map.

It’s anything but boring, and when you look at it, you get the full spectrum of the movie even though you don’t understand it if you haven’t seen it yet. That’s the brilliance of this movie. It’s so complicated on paper that it actually becomes easier to understand when finished. That’s rare, and there can’t be many movies that would be able to rival it’s complexity. It’s true inspiration!

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Source: [Slashfilm]