Inception Trailer: Now Entirely In Acappella!

Inception is still in the theaters and doing quite well (8th on the box office top 100 list as of 09/11-2010) despite the fact that is was released 56 days ago. It’s just about to surpass the most successful Matrix Reloaded that was part of the three movie series. I think few can say that Inception was anything but original, and even though it was released a while back, it is still very much fresh in our minds. What really happened at the end? Does anyone know?

Well, to make us revisit the awesome trailer that marketed this astonishing movie, someone (I have yet to find out who) decided to create a most awesome acappella version of it. It is one of those things that is so awesomely geeky that we just had to share it with you guys. Even though it sometimes sounds truly horrible, it still makes the trailer pretty cool… if not cooler!

With nothing but their voices they have recreated the music and the dialog in the trailer. You will see why Leonardo DiCaprio gets the role in movies and these guys do not. However, saying that, this is honestly really creative, and I laughed so much the first time I saw it… and the second… and the third. It’s so brilliant that I wish I would have come up with this myself. Dangit! Well, I will think of something… or maybe I should just stick to writing Bit Rebels articles.