Name The Flick: 91 Cult Movies On A New York Map

I think I have mentioned this before, but New York is one of the most popular sets for movies in the history of Hollywood, or at least it seems that way. Not too long ago I wrote an article about the superhero jam packed districts of New York, including their real addresses. 9 superheroes in close proximity of each other is quite impressive, but there is a lot more that is hiding in the history of  New York. I recently stumbled upon something that will probably keep you busy for the next few days. I keep looking at it and trying my best to figure this whole thing out, one movie at a time.

Bernie Hou has to be a huge movie geek because the infographic he created (if you could call it that) is one of the most impressive posters I have seen in quite a while. It maps out 91 iconic movies on a New York map, and it’s your job to name them all, if you can that is. I am not even halfway through it yet, and even though the most familiar movies are easy to name, I am still lost on about 75% of them.

What I should mention is that I am a HUGE movie geek, and still I am unable to name most of them, so Mr. Hou must have done his homework well. If anyone can decipher this huge poster, feel free to include the full list of movies in the comments below. I promise you that you will get some serious props from not only the readers of this blog but also from us here at Bit Rebels. As a matter of fact, I urge Diana and Misty to help name all the movies on this epic movie poster. Can you decipher this?

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91 Movies In New York

Via: [AlienLovesPredator]