Nintendo 3DS – Secret Images Of The Future Of Gaming?

There has been plenty of speculation about the new Nintendo DS and what it might feature, so much so that some people are prepared to put it right up there with the iPad anticipation. While that might be overestimating it’s value a little, I am sure it’s not far from the truth. Some sources have speculated that it will be 3D enabled and that we will be able to view it without glasses. While there is a technology that can produce 3D content without the viewer having to wear glasses to experience it, I think it’s just a little bit too early to incorporate it on a handheld gaming console unit.

While there haven’t been any images released yet of the up-coming new edition of the Nintendo DS, people still like to delve into their imaginations and present to the masses what they find. And… that’s exactly what designer Olivier Demangel enjoys doing. Mr. Demangel is a 3D conceptualist who is heavily into generating 3D renderings of objects that are both real and imaginary. It’s hard to know if he works as a 3D creator or designer, but he is very good at what he does.

Mr. Demangel created his imaginary Nintendo 3DS handheld and did it with flying colors. The new handheld isn’t just a beauty to look at but it also sports a huge touch screen with the 3D feature incorporated. The shape of the new handheld is very intimidating and sexy but if you ask me, I think I would feel the buttons a little bit oddly positioned. However, since I can’t hold it in my hands (just yet) it’s hard to tell. It’s true though, it packs a hell of an idea for future gaming handhelds.