No-Money Social Gaming – Changing Traditional Games Like Poker And Bingo

Traditional gambling games have been a part of our civilization for a long time. For most of their history, they were strictly “gambling” games, and people almost exclusively played them for money. However, there was always that gaming element, and many people enjoyed playing them for the experience and not the money.

This has finally manifested in the form of social gaming apps, and they’ve incorporated these games and turned them into non-gambling activities. Digital technologies and the online world have changed many things, and through them, social gaming apps were born. Today we are going to explore these apps and learn about the differences between them and traditional gambling games.

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Social Gaming Is The Opposite Of Gambling

There is nothing complex about social gaming – it’s the term used for playing games through social media. There are various apps you can add to your social media account and access them whenever you want to play your favorite games.

Facebook has popularized social gaming apps, and today, there are millions of people playing various games on this platform. Social gaming apps also include traditional gambling games, but they are not the same as their predecessors. They don’t require any money and don’t award players with money. These games have incorporated new features while keeping the essential gameplay, and players can now enjoy their favorite games without the gambling part.

Texas Holdem Without The Risk

The most popular poker game in the world right now is Texas Holdem. What’s even more fascinating that the number of players keeps growing. How? Because of the popularity of social gaming apps. There are various versions of Texas Holdem apps, and a lot of people have connected and started playing them.

One of the major reasons for this is that players can enjoy the game without having the risk of losing money. Players can compete and test their skills while going against players from all around the world with similar rankings, without having to think about their money. Players can now play poker in Vegas without actually having to go to a casino and spend their money, and to many, this is really appealing.

Recreational Bingo

Bingo is also considered to be a gambling game, but social gaming has proven that many people still enjoy playing it without any chance of winning any money or without the adrenaline of betting their own money. This is one of the best examples of how people actually like games without the gambling aspect. Games like Bingo Blitz are widely popular on social media, and there are even standalone versions that you can install on your phone.

How Does Social Gaming Work

Social gaming is a form of online gaming that has emerged through social media – it’s as simple as that. Most popular social games are on Facebook, and players either find games on their own and access them through their profiles, or they get invites from their friends and start playing.

Social gaming doesn’t require any payments from players, nor does it give them awards in the form of money. Players can invite their friends to play and get bonuses, play tournaments, duels, get weekly bonuses, and so on.

The Future Of Social Gaming

Social gaming has grown ever since these apps were first introduced on Facebook. Today, millions of people worldwide play these games every day, and some of them log in to their social media profiles exclusively to get their daily achievements, without doing anything else on the platform.

These apps have already perfected games like poker, and there are constantly new ones coming out with various improvements. This means that players aren’t getting bored with their current games and there is always something new to try out. Social gaming apps have perfected online gaming, and this is why they continue to grow and have beaten traditional gambling entirely.


Social gaming is the future, and the whole industry is growing dramatically. From the industry’s perspective, there are many ways to make money without introducing the gambling aspect, and for players, these games are relaxing and cause them no stress because they don’t risk losing any money. It’s a win-win situation.

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