Not Ready for a Real Pet? Adopt A Foo Pet on FaceBook!

If you like to care for a pet but not ready yet.  Try Foo Pets.  If you are on FaceBook and want to play an interactive game but not too time consuming, you can try adopting either a dog or a cat.  The game simulates caring for real animals.

How do you get started? You first add the application and then it takes you to the virtual pound where you get to choose the pert you want.  They have a wide range of different breeds of cats and dogs.  The fun part is you get to choose the gender and the name for your pet.

Take Care of your Pet – Just make sure that you come back every 12 hours to feed your pet, water and play with him/her.  Just like a real pet, the Foo Pets need to be taken cared of.  If you don’t you will be notified and given 3 chances.  Once you get the 3 notification, your pet will be taken back. You earn Foo Dollars too and you would need that to buy supplies and toys as well as decoration for their homes.

It’s really an ideal application for those who want a pet but still not that ready for the big responsibility.

Included some videos for your to see what it is all about before you actually use the application.  If you decide to play, then just have fun.  Oh you will also love bath time.