Online Security – How To Play Online Bingo Safely In The UK?

The millionaire quantities of money that are being moved in the online gaming sector in the UK and the world, including games such as online bingo, make it inevitable that several cyber-delinquents come up with plans to try and steal the money and personal data of the players.

That’s why in the majority of the countries in this sector is already being regulated through laws that guarantee the safety of the players, amongst them the UK, which has a strict legislation.

Even so, nowadays the internet is a territory that is very difficult to control, which is why we don’t have to trust every gaming site that exists because we can still find sites that are operating illegally without a license. If we don’t know how to identify them we could be victims of fraud.

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How To Avoid Being Scammed On Online Bingo In The UK?

In this article, you will find a checklist of the principal factors that we need to keep in minds when introducing our personal data and depositing our money on an online bingo site. We need to check that is complying with each and every one of the following conditions:

Company Information And Official License Number

Check that all the company information is there, it can be at the bottom of the page or in a section dedicated to it, “about us”, as long with the license number given by the Gambling Commission. It also has to have the official Gambling Commission logo.

It is not enough that we see the company information because it may be false. To be sure we need to access the official Gambling Commission website and search for the information to be listed under the official license operator list.

Some UK bingo sites are registered in Gibraltar, which tells us that we also need to see the official Gibraltar commission logo and we need to validate that information in the same way.

Payment Security

In order to know whether the bank information we introduce on this platform is safe, may it be on an online bingo site or any online platform for that matter, we need to search for an SSL certificate on the website link, which we can observe in the URL, it should start with https:// or HTTPS://.

In order for our data to be safe, we need to see HTTPS://, which means that every data introduced is automatically encrypted and it will not be hijacked by anyone.


When we register on a legal online bingo site we get asked for every identification forms in order to validate that we are UK citizens. On the contrary, we would not be able to play on online UK bingo sites.

An illegal bingo site will ask for few identification forms and we could surely be able to access with just our email and name.


If the internet has anything good in it is the amount of available information on the net. Whatever we search for we will always get an answer or a reference to it, that being said, we must know that not every reference is a viable reference, thus, we must not believe everything we see and read on the internet.

If we search for references on the site that we are thinking to play in, is very probable that we will find something about it. The legal bingo sites usually have good references on the net, for example, some list or recommendations are included on bingo specialized websites. On the other hand, the illegal sites are not usually recommended and we may even find bad reviews or an alert on the illegality of said site.

Play Free Bingo

If anyways you don’t trust on the legal bingo platforms but you want to play bingo to have a good time and have fun with your friends, you can play bingo for free.

On the internet, there are many platforms that offer free bingo games, where you do not have to spend even a single penny. Of course, you will not earn money either, you will simply have fun winning fictitious coins and you can challenge your friends in social networks.

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Online Security – How To Play Online Bingo Safely In The UK?

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