The Auto Correct Song Delivers Our Unforgiving Reality

One of the 21st century’s most popular jokes is the way people always end up in trouble thanks to the auto correct feature on their smartphones. The feature itself helps millions of people correctly spell their texts before they send them, and it’s meant to simplify things. However, it’s easy to start speculating whether the feature has put more people in more odd situations than it has actually helped. That’s probably not true, but if you do a quick search on Google for example, you will find there are thousands upon thousands of hilarious and memorable auto correct compilations to enjoy. As it seems, it’s time to move beyond just text and include a song in this calculation.

I think most of us have at some point sent a text which could be twisted totally out of context thanks to auto-correct. It’s easily corrected by quickly sending another text correcting the mistake, but sometimes you will always be remembered as the one who sent the text that made things just a little bit more awkward. Ben Champion seems to know all about this, and he decided to write a song about it.

The song, which is called That Auto-Correct Song, is about to treat you to how unforgiving the auto correct feature can really be. There is a fine line between being a psychopath and just messing up because of a technology feature these days. I keep thinking the newest addition to the artificial correction application, Siri, is going to give us a heck of a lot more of these awkward moments in life as it gets smarter with each day that goes by. I think I could easily end this article by just asking, what is the most awkward moment you’ve been in thanks to the auto correct feature? There has to be plenty of them, so fire away. Share them with us!


Via: [Pleated-Jeans]