Squeeze Me: The Coolest Music Video Flipbook Ever

Music videos are getting more and more creative by the day, and I truly enjoy that. I remember not too long ago when music videos were just a bunch of exclusive mansions, high definition footage and a whole lot of girls. However, that has somewhat shifted in the last few years. We have started to see creative and sometimes hilarious videos that you actually want to watch over and over again, and not just because the music is good. The real question I think every video producer and label battles every time they have a hit-song-to-be on their hands is what they should do with the video. The video that goes along with your song has become one of the most important promotional tools that the labels and artists have to get their music out.

If you thought that the creativity over at the labels has dried up, you are wrong. The music video for the song “Squeeze Me” by Kraak & Smaak certainly is proof of that. Not only does it show the creativity and the simplicity involved in the creation of a video, it is racking up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. It also shows that a video doesn’t have to cost millions and millions of dollars just to be awesome.

This could potentially be a guide to all the independent bands out there. If they just put a little extra dedication into their project, and maybe some brainstorming as well, it’s quite easy to be creative. Thinking outside of the box is probably going to do you good in every way. Don’t trust that the big labels are the only ones to break a band. That era is long gone, and I think I could sit here and mention band after band that has gone big on their own command.

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