Super Mario Portal: The Real Gameplay [Video]

As some of you may remember, I wrote an article before about the hilarious video of Super Mario and Luigi playing around with a portal gun. Or rather, Mario did, which pissed the hell out of Luigi. What would happen if you actually got to play Super Mario with a portal gun? Is that even possible, and would it be fun? The Portal II video game has become a huge hit, and it seems like everyone is playing it. It’s a puzzle solving first person game in which you will cause no casualties more than a few broken computers and some chips. Whatever it is that makes people, by the millions, buy this game and play it is of course difficult to say more than it’s really cool.

What would happen when you mash it up with Super Mario… for real? I mean, the REAL gameplay would be awesome, right? Can you imagine in your head what it would be like having a portal gun at your disposal? If you have played Portal I or II, you know exactly what it would be like. If you haven’t, we could have a problem. Good thing I found a clip on YouTube that totally shows you what it would be all about.

It’s uploaded by Maurice1000 who definitely knows how to geek out. This Super Mario Portal video seems to be of the real gameplay, and no matter how much I want to try it out, it seems to be a lost cause. I have read up on this video, and as it seems it’s just that… a video. How I wanted it to be at least a free white label game which I could try out, even if just a couple of levels. This is too awesome not to exist for real, don’t you think? Just imagine kicking butt with that portal gun every time something comes up that you are unable to tackle yourself. It would definitely bring a whole new dimension to Super Mario. Get it? Dimension? Ok, I know, but I just had to…

Super Mario Portal Gun Gameplay