Texas Hold’em Poker Hands Ranking

Knowing the poker hands ranking is a primary requirement of starting to play poker. And this page is comprehensive about it.

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The Best Texas Holdem Poker Hands Rankings In Order

Before you start venturing with Texas Holdem Poker, you need to be acquainted with hand ranking. It would be tough for you to continue the game without knowing whose hands you win over. Hence, we suggest you go through this page to gauge Texas Holdem’s hand ranking properly. Best poker hands are mentioned below according to their ranks.

1. Royal Flush

This is the highest poker hand comprising the same suit’s cards from 10 to Ace. Four different Royal Flush combinations are A, K, Q, J, T of Heart, Spade, Diamond, and Club. Royal Flush is the superior of all other poker hands, confirms victory regardless of the hands opponents have.

2. Straight Flush

A Straight Flush means a combination of 5 cards from the same suite arranged in order. In Texas Holdem poker, 40 Straight Flush combinations can be formed. The straight flushes don’t rank higher by the suites but by the cards’ value in the combinations.

3. Four Of A Kind

Justifying the name, a Four of a Kind hand contains four cards from identical suits with an extra card. The top Four of a Kind hand is AAAA with any other card. Lower quads will always lose against higher ones. This poker hand combination can only be defeated against the Royal and Straight Flush.

4. Full House

Full House is a poker hand comprised of three cards from the same suit and two from others. The top Full House combination is the Aces Full of Kings (A-A-A-K-K). The value of the Full House card combination can be determined considering the cards of identical suits.

5. Flush

This combination is comprised of any same suite’s five non-successive cards. When more than one player holds flush, the combination with better cards will win. Flush hands values are determined by the cards they are made of.

6. Straight

Straits contain five successive cards from any suits. The best possible Straight combination is Broadway (A-K-Q-J-T). The value of cards in the combination decides their worth.7.

7. Three Of A Kind

Three of a Kind means having three cards from the same suit and two from others. This poker hand can be separated into sets and trips and gets value from the first three cards’ worth.

8. Two Pair

Such hands contain two pairs of cards from two different suits and one from another. The first pair, or the second pair, or the kicker determines the winner when more than one player has Two pairs at once.

9. One Pair

Card combinations having a pair of identical cards with three casual cards are called One Pair. The situation and board texture should evaluate the worth of One Pair hands.

10. High Card

When there are no consecutive cards or pairs in a combination, it’s a High Card. Being the weakest, this hand holds the last place in the best hands in a poker game.

Poker Hands Ranking Rules And The Kicker

The Kicker determines a winner when two or more players end up having similar card combinations.

If two competitors have KKQT3 and KKJ2 combinations, the player having the second one will win since Q is higher than J. If the first pairs come similar, then the second will be evaluated. If it doesn’t choose a winner, the third pair will be assessed. If all the cards are matched, the pot will be divided in half.

Some Other Poker Hand Ranking Rules are:

  • If both players have two pairs, the first pair will identify the winner; if not, the second pair will. Otherwise, the kicker will be decisive.
  • When both are having a flush, the player holding a higher valued combination is the winner.
  • When both have straight, the higher card combination holder is the winner.
  • In full houses, the winner holds the highest values of three cards.
  • In High Card, the winner keeps the highest valued card. If it’s the same, then the same process will be continued for finding out the difference.

Best Preflop Poker Hands Charts And Odds

This is yet another essential aspect of Texas Holdem hand ranking you should be acquainted with. The preflop poker hands and their odds are mentioned below, following their ranks.

1st hand winning probability of preflop poker hands like AA, KK, TT, T9s, AJ, AT, and A8 against KK, AK, KQ, 22, 98, KQ, and J9 are respectively 82%, 69%, 31%, 56%, 54%, 62%, 60%, and 57%.

2nd hand winning probability of preflop poker hands like AA, KK, TT, T9s, AJ, AT, and A8 against KK, AK, KQ, 22, 98, KQ, and J9 are respectively 18%, 31%, 44%, 46%, 38%, 40%, and 43%.

Top 10 Best Starting Poker Hands List

  1. Pocket Aces (AA): Since it’s the best poker hand in a preflop situation, it’s advantageous for the player to hold it.
  2. Pocket Kings (KK): Though it’s the second-best poker hand, it can get threat by a hand comprising Ax. The reason is such hands can outdraw Pocket Kings.
  3. Pocket Queens (QQ): It’s a sound holding with great odds of winning. Hence, it’s better to play them fast than to keep them for long.
  4. Pocket Jacks (JJ): Being a strong hand, this pair gives players the capacity to play aggressively. But, overcards can bring threats to it. Hence, pay more attention if you have gained some of those on the flop.
  5. Ace-King Suited (AKs): Although not being favored against pocket pairs, it can give competition unless it confronts Pocket Kings or Aces. However, it’s more valuable than all unpaired hands.
  6. Pocket Tens (TT): It is excellent against lower pairs or hands comprising a single overcard.
  7. Ace-King Ofsuit (AKo): Regardless of what hands your opponents contain, this hand can perform well. Well, it’s needless to say, it doesn’t hold any power against Pocket Kings or Aces.
  8. Ace-Queen Suited (AQs): It is more suitable in the post-flop actions, usable when your opponent shows aggression, and chances are he has an AA or KK.
  9. Pocket Nines (99): You can use a Pocket Nines preflop when placing your hand as the first player.
  10. Aces Jack Suited (AJs): Like AQs, you can deceive top pairs’ domination with this hand.

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