Tiger Woods Is Swinging Again!

Yea yea, you all came here either a) looking for dirt or b) looking to defend poor Tiger from more attacks… Well guess what, its not about his extra marital activities!

That’s right guys, Golf.  Remember that game that Tiger played before trying to escape from his wife? (supposedly).  EA Have recently released an open beta version of their Tiger Woods Golf series.  Its fully online and browser based so you can play where ever you are.  You then have a wide selection of courses that you can take your newly created golfer on to level up!  Yes I said level up, if you imagine golf as an MMORPG you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

Gain levels, earn XP and cash then spend the cash on training your swing and balance among other attributes.  It’s all fully multiplayer and you can enter tournaments, beat challenges and other online fun stuff.

This game looks awesome for a browser game, fully 3D and plays very nicely in Chrome.  As far as we know there are no dodgy mini games, like in a certain version of GTA…

Best thing you can do is Check it out at: https://tigerwoodsonline.ea.com/