Top 10 Popular Online Games In September

Are you looking for the top-notch online games that have become all-favorites in September 2018? If so, you are welcome to check out the following well-thought list of the most outstanding online games to meet all your expectations and personal preferences. We have considered all options and chosen top 10 web amusements that will be to the liking of every gaming fan. In case you are also interested in some casino games, we advise you to check out the range of free slots with bonus spins at SlotsSpot in order to get to know what premium-level offerings can be found on today’s gambling market. Let’s get started without another word. Here is everything you need to know about top 10 superior online games that have been on top of popularity throughout this year.

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1. Splatoon 2

This game has become highly popular this year being based on team-oriented gameplay and belonging to the category of shooters. This online video adventure is accessible only on the Nintendo Switch, while the reasons behind its popularity include the fact that its gameplay is based entirely on the authentic Splatoon predecessor. This adventure allows players to grab control over a cute little living being whose shape can change from human-like appearance into a squid. As such, the game has long been on top of popularity with players of different levels, even though it can be launched exclusively on one of the Nintendo versions.

If to take a quick look at what the game looks like, it becomes clear that this adventure is vividly and brightly designed and can be proud of having exclusive technical characteristics. The gaming process is centered upon the idea that team members need to attack the rest of players using ink-based shooting appliances, which can be utilized to grab some more territory in order to allow one’s team players to use it later on for hiding purposes. This fascinating adventure has long become all-favorite this year and by September 2018 its popularity has risen to immense heights, so we do expect that there will be another sequel of this game released in the nearest perspective.

2. Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

In fact, this is not quite a new release from Microgaming, as it was first launched in 2006, but its popularity seems not to fade out in any respect so that it is even commonly referred to as a “Millionaire Maker” simply because the payouts at stake are really high. It is an African-styled slot game that is equipped with a total of three jackpots on offer to casino users with the biggest winning amounting to not less than 18 million Euros.

The goal of Microgaming developers was to create a game that would be appealing for players of all categories regardless of their budget restrictions. In such a way, they have produced an astounding and truly high-paying game packed with five reels and not less than twenty-five win lines as well as multiple extra bonuses, such as additional free rounds as well as free spins.

3. Dota 2

Not so many games around there can be regarded as popular as Dota 2, whose success rate has reached its peak in the recent months, even though it has been highly appreciated by users starting from its inception. This game was definitely inspired by the legendary Warcraft adventure and currently has over 800 thousand players who are engaged in the proceedings within the gameplay through Stream alone. Its intense popularity is probably the most pronounced factor explaining the on-going and never-fading success of the modern-day eSports segment.

4. Destiny 2

This game is quite frequently referred to as one of the most successful and highly popular adventures of the previous year starting from its awe-inspiring release in September, but it still stays on top of popularity even in 2018, so it needs to be admitted that this game has become a worthwhile addition to the online gaming market. Some of its followers are a bit disappointed with so many expansions that took place over the recent months, but the gaming process here is still worth the attention of every true player at heart. There are various web-based regimes to be tried out and even re-played with ease. It is expected that there will be one more all-new expansion a bit later in 2018 aimed at dealing with some of the most widespread complaints of users. In any way, the fan base of this game is still growing at an incredible speed.

5. Overwatch

Some people claim that this team-oriented game was inspired by another legendary product – Valve’s Team Fortress 2. Be that as it may, two years have passed since its primary release to the gaming public, and over this period, more than 35 million users have registered and become regular users of this game through such devices as Xbox One and stationary computers. As of now, it remains one of Blizzard’s most wide-scale gaming series ever, which makes us think it will remain on top of popularity for years to come. It is truly among the most successful gaming products in the history of iGaming and eSports markets.

6. CrossFire (More Info Here)

This is another world-popular title that might not be as successful as Counter-Strike or some other legendary games, but it is still ranked among the most renowned shooter games in Asia alone having over 650 million users who have passed the registration to access the gameplay. At the same time, its fan base is steadily growing and it even starts to attract the Western gamers as well. It still remains one of those games that have generated the greatest gross revenues, which in 2016 amounted to nearly 7 billion dollars.

7. Minecraft

This game represents a multi-award video adventure that was launched by a Swedish gaming producer Markus Person. It provoked an unexpected wave of admiration among players worldwide when it was first released to the market in 2009. Its success has been growing at an immense speed every since that time, and even in 2018, it remains incredibly popular with gamers globally. It can even be regarded as the world’s most recognizable and highly acknowledged game, making it among the best-selling gaming products in history.

8. World Of Warcraft

This game is commonly abbreviated as WoW and has become another Blizzard’s most spectacular invention ever… Three years ago, this game attracted over 5.5 million gamers, while its current follower base is even greater than that. It can be expected that the multi-million solid fan base of this game makes it another world-popular and highly acclaimed gaming creation of all times and its popularity keeps growing.

9. Fortnite Battle Royale

This game has become a true sensation in 2018 having attracted over 3 million regular users on the entire range of major gaming portals worldwide. It has become successful only within a year after its release to the public, which allows admitting that it will turn into another world’s greatest gaming release ever in the approaching future. It is already a globally acknowledged phenomenon, which is unlikely to be forgotten too soon. Instead, this game remains a highly attractive option for the world’s most avid players who are fond of only top-notch gaming products existing in this segment.

10. FIFA 18

The last position in our list needs to be given to one of the most sensational eSports games in history. Obviously, the success of FIFA series of gaming tools is unlikely to ever fade out. It was launched in the 1990s and it was soon acclaimed as the best-selling video adventure of the given year. Since that time, the game has seen incredible growth and its latest release is known as FIFA 18, which is proud of having over 1.6 million followers worldwide. It attracted an innumerable quantity of players within the first few days after its release to the market.

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