Top 5 Crypto Games To Play

The rising trend of cryptocurrency games has flipped the gaming industry on its head. Players, rather than developers, are the basic monetary decision-makers. Consequently, when considering the various ways how to make money with cryptocurrency; Play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain gaming is a phenomenon that should not be underestimated.

Each game has its own way of rewarding players for their in-game exercises. Some P2E games entail a prior investment, while some are free to download and play.

There are tons of games available to play like strategy, puzzles, and even casino games. Moreover, as Smartphone adoption continues to grow, more and more people have access to playing games on the go. In one major market in India, where PUBG is the top game, slots and roulette are becoming increasingly popular.

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And there are comparison websites that you can rely on when it comes to finding the best online casinos in India. The page has unbiased reviews and lists the best bonuses you can claim. In addition, there are plenty of how-to guides, from making a deposit to registering, as well as FAQs and legality info.

Let’s get started, below we have handpicked the best 5 crypto games for you:

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an advanced crypto-gaming program that aims to provide users with the opportunity to win a large jackpot each day. The Lucky Block platform, which is featured on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), concentrates on equity and fairness. This distinguishes it from many existing systems.

The regular prize winnings made available contribute significantly to Lucky Block’s attraction. LBLOCK owners who link up their digital wallet to the Lucky Block platform win a free entry into the prize draw.

This complements the benefits provided by Lucky Block’s NFT bundle. Nonetheless, you are probably wondering, what is lucky block? According to Economictimes, one of the most prominent elements of LBLOCK is that it allows holders to raise additional income.

Ownership of all these NFTs entitles you to lifetime entry into premium NFT prize draws that are distinct from Lucky Block’s major draws. This provides two opportunities to win the jackpot every day.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the most popular P2E crypto game, usually in the headlines for offering family income in some of the world’s poorest countries. The game necessitates the purchase of three Axies from their market system.

You can also buy eggs from Axies laboratories and wait for them to hatch into Axies. Furthermore, you can nurture eggs with Axies to create new ones and distribute them in the online market.

Axie Infinity’s native token is the AXS token. It is the primary in-game monetary system. As a result, if the game’s profitability is high, the value of the AXS token multiplies, increasing its real worth. The game also mentions the future emergence of a no-upfront-investment concept with restricted earning capacity.


Pegaxy is a horse racing game where you can earn money by playing. You rent or buy a Pega and race to win prizes in VIS, its in-game monetary system. Your function as a Pega owner is confined to configuring the track features, specifying Pega, and selecting the appropriate gear.

Unlike traditional games, the gameplay is completely random with no human intervention. Pegas are available to order with USDT on the Pegaxy marketplace. There is also breeding to produce miniature Pega. These offspring are ready to mate or race within the time frame specified by their family line.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a two-dimensional peer-to-peer platform that brings the renowned world of collectible card titles to cryptocurrency. It gives gamers ‘rightful ownership’ of the cards, but also implies that the characteristics of each card cannot be changed.

Each one is generated on the Ethereum platform. This enables Gods Unchained gamers to perfectly trade cards utilising $GODS which is the system’s native token.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a free-to-play cryptocurrency game. You receive 3 free characters to help you progress in the game and earn the native token, Thetan Coin (THC). These are needed to activate the enhanced personas, which can also be originally purchased from the platform.

The game’s enhanced characters are unique. All evolve and can be marketed as NFTs. Thetan Gem is a service and management token that helps sustain the in-game financial system. Interestingly, you can also gamble the THG token to earn staking incentives.

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