Watch Your Favorite Sports Outside The USA

If you spend a lot of time traveling outside of the USA you are probably not impressed when you sit down to watch your team only to discover the content is region locked. Yes, you can watch a movie or a TV soap opera, but we both know that this is not the same. You can’t really shout at the TV like you can when watching football, basketball, or baseball. It is just not as satisfying. So what to do?

One way around this is to use a VPN or smart DNS to bypass the geoblocking and watch the content. Offerings such as those from WatchoutsideUS facilitates watching sports and other streaming content no matter where you are in the world. Let’s take a look at how this works and how you can get set up.

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How To Watch American Sports When Traveling

When a sports streaming site deploys geoblocking content blocks, it has detected the IP address trying to access it is outside of the US and has subsequently swung into action. This stops the process dead, and you can’t watch it. So it is soap operas and or a movie for you it is.

With a smart DNS, it routes your access via an American server fooling the geoblocking algorithms that you are watching in the United States. This frees the content allowing you to shout, swear, and enjoy the sport of your choice.

A VPN masks the content completely as it sends your access information through an encrypted tunnel that helps to keep your information safe from hackers and snoopers.

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Smart DNS vs VPN

Given the differences between smart DNS and VPNs, let’s take a closer look at them. For watching geoblocked content, many believe smart DNS offers the edge. As they don’t hide your IP address, they are harder for geoblocking algorithms to detect you’re outside of your home country.

As VPNs mask your IP address completely, service providers such as Fox Sports deploy their geoblockers to ensure you can’t see the content. That said, VPNs are refining their offering to get past the latest phase of content blockers implemented by streaming services.

When choosing your means of watching content when traveling you should consider your overall requirements. If applying a high-level of encryption is important to you, then a VPN is a better choice. The encrypted tunnels they form is probably the safest way to use the web at this time.

Generally, premium services are far better than free ones and offer more features and options. Free services often don’t cut it either to watch the content or protect your privacy. It is good practice to research the offerings thoroughly to determine the right one for you, cross-referencing professional and customer reviews.

You may even want to invest in both a VPN for general browsing and a smart DNS to watch sports. Given the other option is a movie or a soap opera, any price is worth paying to avoid those scenarios.

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