Web Design Rap | Making Design Sound Cool

Or not! I haven’t decided yet. However, you have to hand it to the guy. It’s quite original and by the number of views he’s had so far (with almost 500,000) it must be appealing for some. Maybe it’s the message in itself and the fact that the guy knows his stuff. I can’t tell anymore. My reoccurring question is if he’s an employee or the boss at the place where the video is shot. Either it’s some really interesting ad for their business (but still I can’t find the company name anywhere) or it’s a guy that simply set up a camera and whatever music player and started doing his thang.

Don’t ask me about the lyrics though. The first half of the song I didn’t know what to listen or look at. Maybe I should have another listen and see if his design rap is to any use. Even though I think that we won’t see this particular song up on billboards top 10 I still think it’s quite bold and again, skies the limit right?

So, “The Poetic Prophet” (aka the SEO Rapper), keep doing your thing and let us see where this ends up. Entertaining is what it is. Up the quality a little maybe? Enjoy!!