“Delete” Wipes: Clean Dirt Off Your Computer!

I think everyone agrees with me that the keyboard is probably the most dirty and germ infected spot in your whole house (yes, even more so than the bathroom as suggested by an episode of Mythbusters). Cleaning your keyboard and mouse is probably the best thing you could do to prevent getting foul germs into your biological system. I don’t even wanna know how much “stuff” is on those keyboards that we use everyday. Keep it personal and you’re all good, almost.

That’s why you should get yourself a pack of “Delete” wipes to put on your desk. Use them on your keyboard, your hands before typing, and of course, that old mouse you frequently use to create magic on your screen. Make everything shiny new and crispy clean, and you shall see that you are staying well far longer than you usually do.

This design is cooked up by the brain of Ben Cox who keeps it clean the geek way. In an attempt to make the world just a little bit healthier, this box design comes as a breath of fresh air to all the geeks that don’t want to have a Kleenex box sitting on their desk. So people, keep it geeky will ya!