10 Tips: Ultimate Guide To Better Beer [Infographic]

Beer is probably the most loved beverage in the world (possibly after Coca Cola or Pepsi). It’s consumed in insane quantities every day by millions of people all over this beautiful globe, and we’re seeing new and interesting brands spring up almost on a daily basis. I am not much of a beer drinker; however, a cold brewski every once in a while on a hot summer day is never wrong. My consumption pretty much ends there. There are people out there though that take their beer drinking quite seriously. They find the best brands, the best lager (I am not sure if I even got the lingo right here but hey, I am trying), and they go to extreme lengths in order to store it just right.

The ordinary people, like you and me, pretty much just shove the beer into the fridge and then pick at it one by one until it’s all gone, right? However, there is a science of right and wrongs when it comes to beer, just like with wine. You can read up on the subject for days if you are really into all this stuff. Or, you can just have a look at this quick guide put together by Molson Coors. It will give you some instant knowledge about how you should go about treating your beer.

It’s a 10 tips infographic which you can print out or put on your iPad to always keep handy. When I look through this list of tips, I am quite surprised to find that I had no clue about most of them. Maybe this will spark some new and deeper interest in beer for me, or it might just be common knowledge that I will forward to all my friends who are beer enthusiasts. We’ll see. Either way, this should be a great little list for some beer tastings this upcoming weekend, don’t you think?

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Ultimate Guide To Better Beer