Flask Tie: Emergency Beverage Flask For Workaholics

How many times have you found yourself at your desk only to realize you forgot to get a cup of coffee or some other beverage? I mean, it happens quite a lot, right? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. You sit there and the thirst just starts creeping up on you. Those are the moments when you wish you had a fridge right beside you which held pretty much every single brand of beverage you could ever think of. Well, reality doesn’t work like that so we’ll have to find some other solution that might fit our needs. That solution could possibly be the Flask Tie. It’s a new little concept that will allow you to always have one extra emergency beverage with you wherever you go. It’s a hidden emergency beverage flask that you can seamlessly incorporate into your clothing.

The Flask Tie is not only a geeky way to carry around your beverage, but this beverage flask will actually be a part of your fashion statement as well. Not only is it great for emergency beverages, but it will also be a killer accessory to wear to your parties. You won’t have to carry around a glass when wearing this one. Just fill up the beverage Flask Tie and start working the room.

The Flask Tie emergency beverage flask is made available by a company with the same name and is sold for $24.95. You have a whole heap of colors to choose from, and the emergency beverage flask itself will fit around 8oz of whatever beverage you are craving. Never again will you have to be thirsty during long hours of coding, or will you have to carry around a ridiculous glass whenever you go to that exclusive party you have been invited to. Just pop the bottle top on this tie, and you will be ready to indulge in whatever beverage you’ve put in there. How’s that for a geeky tie?

Emergency Beverage Flask Tie




Via: [Geekologie]