16 Things Impossible To Say When You Are Drunk

So there you are, partying away with your friends, and you’re emptying beer after beer and having a jolly time. Of course, keeping track of how much you drink isn’t exactly your focus this particular evening. A few beers later, you start with the mixed drinks and the shots, and soon you find yourself having problems actually making sense of everything people around you are saying. You even start to wonder why you are not getting your point across to the people you are talking to. The reason is that you are the one who is too drunk and can’t for your life make yourself understood since you are slurring your words so badly. People already told you to go home a number of hours ago.

So what is the best thing you could do right now? What are the options so to speak? Well, your best option would be to go straight home, drink a bunch of water, and just hit the pillow and sleep it off, no doubt. However, if you ignore this highly suggested option, then what? One of the things you could do is start talking to yourself. I don’t know how many times I have seen people do that. It’s just like it makes perfect sense to people to start talking to themselves when they get drunk, especially if they are standing in front of a mirror.

If you do this then it’s time for you to take things a little bit further. Make a game out of it and have some fun. After all, you are too drunk to have fun with any of your friends who are probably looking at you wondering why the hell you had that much to begin with. A bar somewhere came up with the perfect solution. They made a sign with a bunch of words that are all hard to say when you are drunk. Pretty nifty, right? You start reading through it, and suddenly it hits you… there is a lesson to be learned here, and it’s time you start learning it. This is a “LOL of the day” image that I think is an epic attempt to put a smile on people’s faces when they look at it. Brilliant!

16 Impossible Words When Drunk

Via: [Awesome Galore]