A Modern Day Christmas Card: A Clear Shift In Focus

What if I were to say that the world is quickly shifting into a place where the virtual world citizen is way more influential than the person living inside the real world? With everything moving so fast, especially technology, and with new people signing up for social networking accounts pretty much every second of the day, we’re about to experience a great shift in how the world is being run over the next 25 years I believe. It’s not that there will be a huge change in how the government works since we all know their time frame for implementing change isn’t always the fastest, but I mean the way we do business, and the way we interact with each other will be ever more in the virtual world if that makes any sense.

The way we use our technology today is eons ahead of what we used to be able to do on our devices just ten years ago. We’re experiencing a huge shift in focus already. Taking the bus to work ten years ago, for example, was quite a different experience compared to what it is today if you look at how people interact. Nowadays we pretty much sit with our phones and click away on the touch screen talking to a friend who happens to sit in another bus going the other way.

The way the shift is affecting us is even more evident when you have a look at this quite funny Christmas card that we can only assume was staged. Nevertheless, it defines so much about what the world looks like today. I laugh every time I look down on it even while I write this, and despite the fact that it would be a brilliant and rockin Christmas card overall, the truth in it cannot be overlooked. I am sure you have found yourself in the presence of your own family when suddenly that moment arrives when pretty much everyone is in the room; however, there is nothing going on other than all of you fiddling away with your cell phones. Am I right? It’s what will define us as a generation. Let’s call us the mobile generation. Hello Moto!

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A Modern Day Christmas Card

Via: [Reddit]